Small Business Insurance

We have access to more than 20 insurers

Freedom of choice to find the most suitable cover today.

Give us 10 minutes of your time, when it suits you, to talk to one of our brokers and get your best small business insurance quote.

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Small Business Insurance

We have access to more than 20 insurers

Freedom of choice to find the most suitable cover today.

Give us 10 minutes of your time, when it suits you, to talk to one of our brokers and get your best small business insurance quote.

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Small Business Insurance

Small business insurance describes a variety of different policies that can be packaged to provide tailored cover for the unique needs of your business.

Small business insurance covers a range of different types of businesses from the local corner shop, larger grocery store and other kind of retail businesses such as florists, gift stores, charity shops, opticians, butchers and salons. It can also provide cover for businesses run from a professional office. Small business insurance offers protection for a variety of risks including damage to stock or property, an injury sustained by a customer and much more.

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Other types of small business insurance we offer…

Shop and Retail Insurance

Shop and retail insurance provides shop owners and retailers with tailored protection against property damage such as a fire, flood or storm, also for theft. It also offers protection for public liability claims where your business is responsible for a customer or member of the public falling ill, being injured in a slip, trip or fall, or having their property lost or damaged while on your premises. Shop and retail insurance can also include cover for employer liability claims where a member of your staff is injured during the course of the work they do for you.

Running a shop takes hard work, so shop and retail insurance tailored to your needs gives you peace-of-mind that in the event of a claim, your business is protected.

How does shop and retail insurance protect your business?

Shop and retail insurance is tailored to suit the needs and activities of your business and can include cover for:

  • public liability
  • employer’s liability
  • property damage
  • business interruption
  • money
  • legal expenses
  • cyber attacks

Office Insurance

Like shop and retail insurance, office insurance provides you with peace of mind that if a claim was made against the business you run from a professional office premises, you would be protected against the cost of the claim and business interruption.

Office insurance provides cover for a range of different businesses from accountants and solicitors, engineers and architects, information technology firms, call centres, advertising and marketing companies, and more.

Office insurance is tailored to your needs based on the risk that applies to your business. Typically, office insurance provides cover for Public Liability, Employers Liability (EL), Property Damage and Business Interruption.

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Your benefits…

Small business insurance from Sheridan Insurances comes with a variety of benefits such as:

Access to up to 20 difference insurance providers for the best insurance policy to meet your needs
Tailored and uniquely customised policies with the most suitable products from different insurance providers bundled together in one package
Considerable savings where a bundled business package costs less than the total cost of all the individual covers
Flexibility for all business sizes, small, medium and large
Our experienced and dedicated brokers who will research the market on your behalf
Our in-depth understanding of policy terms to help you navigate the small print
Significant reduction in financial risk to protect the viability of your business

Small Business Insurance FAQs

We want to make sure you know exactly what small business insurance from Sheridan Insurances protects you for.
Take a look at our FAQs or talk to one of our brokers.

Is public liability insurance compulsory?
No, public liability insurance is not compulsory in Ireland. However, keep in mind that if you do not have liability cover and your business is responsible for causing an illness or injury, or damage to someone’s property, you may be held personally responsible for the cost of compensation.
What cover should I get?
That depends on your business and your circumstances. Small business insurance for shops, retail businesses and offices is tailored to suit the business, its operations and its own set of individual risks. That’s why it is so important to speak with a Sheridan Insurances broker who can help you identify the best cover for your business.
Is shop insurance really necessary?
If you run a shop or retail business and have people visit your premises, you have a duty of care to protect your customers, suppliers and employees from injury, illness and damage to their property. You also should consider the impact a major loss such as a fire, storm, flood or theft would have on your shop and its financial viability. Shop insurance gives you peace-of-mind that your business is protected if something goes wrong.
How much is shop insurance?
Shop and retail insurance provides you with a packaged insurance policy that is tailored to suit your business needs. Given the peace-of-mind it provides business owners, it is excellent value with affordable premiums which can be paid monthly or yearly.
Do I need insurance for my employees?
Yes, Employers Liability (EL) provides protection against legal costs and compensation in the event an employee is injured as a result of the work they do in your business. It also provides cover for legal costs if your business is responsible for damage to an employee’s property.
What are some real-life examples of claims made against shops, retailers and businesses that operate out of an office?
  • Slips, trips and fall injuries
  • Flood, burst pipes or water leaks
  • Storm damage to a building, stock and contents
  • Loss of earnings
  • Employees that sustain an injury while carrying out their work
  • Burglary and break-ins that result in damage and loss of property and stock
How can I better manage my risk?
Shop owners, retailers and businesses can reduce their risk by implementing strategies such as risk assessments, official inductions, regular training, first aid procedures, security and fire protections, and the use of protective clothing.

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Dermot B.
Dermot B.
We have worked with the Team at Sheridan Insurances for the past number of years on our Groups employees Health Insurance Scheme.Noeleen & her colleagues have provided a brilliant service giving clear and concise advice on a timely basis both to the company and on any employee queries that have arisen.
Mary S.
Mary S.
Stephen helped me out with my first car insurance policy. He was great, made the process very easy, got me a good deal and was super friendly!
Fabulous service from Siobhan and the team in Sheridan Insurances. I am a client for a number of years and the services is always the same - perfect. A customer focused team.
Jean A.
Jean A.
Excellent support, guidance and advice from the QFA, Audrey Jameson
Helen C.
Helen C.
Thank you, Miriam, at Sheridan Insurance.  Being able to discuss my home insurance needs as an Holistic Therapist was so stress free and easy with you. Your attention to detail and professional way made the whole process so smooth.  Thank you for the human touch also, in taking the time to walk me through my policy.   Highly recommending your services and supporting your local business in Navan. Co Meath. Thank you, Miriam Sheridan and Sheridan Insurance. Helen Colgan
Richard L.
Richard L.
Lifesavers – With 110% professionalism at all times, we were provided with much needed support and guidance under difficult circumstances, with a very tight deadline. Without the team in Sheridan Insurance’s diligence and effort, going the extra mile on more than one occasion, we can honestly say we wouldn’t have the secure future we can now look forward to. We would recommend Sheridan Insuances to anyone looking for any type of insurance. Hands down the best decision you'll make! Thank you Audrey, Brian and Niall. Richard & Maria Leonard
Fergal S.
Fergal S.
An absolute pleasure to deal with, there is great communicators in Sheridan insurance, Brian Flanagan is an absolute gentleman. Will definitely be in contact with Sheridan insurance in the near future.
Pauline B.
Pauline B.
Highly recommend this insurance company they have gone above and beyond to help me get my business insurance and at a great price.The staff couldn't have been any more helpful to me.Give them a call you wont be disappointed
Andrew S.
Andrew S.
I used Sheridan Insurances in Cavan today and the service was absolutely first class. They were helpful, knowledgeable, professional and polite. I can highly recommend Sheridan Insurances.
Mary R.
Mary R.
Well mannered and attended toWith ease and business done ..quickly
Eugene T.
Eugene T.
Great gang in sheridans insurance very easy to deal with.. especially Tommy Brady top man when you need one..
Pip A.
Pip A.
My name is Philip Sheridan Sides.I was buying a van on done deal when I saw the advert for Sheridan insurance. The playright Richard Brinsley Sheridan was one of my ancestors and that is where the Sheridan in my full name as we had the same name. \I rang the office for a quote and was put through to broker Kelly Crowe. My first premium was high as I had been with Dolman Insurance who specialise in Camper vans and my no claims on the camper van was not able to transfer. This is something I believe the insurance industry should change as it is unfair on camper van drivers who like myself at the tie use the vehicle as their only method of transport.This was seven years ago. I am a very busy free lance photographer, musician and I run an NGO called Whistles for Refugees.The NGO collects unwanted tents and sleeping bags at festivals, thus saving them from landfill thus turning this landfill into aid for the most vulnerable people on this planet fleeing the horrors of ISIS. Whistles for Refugees also brings whistles out to refugee camps, music is healing and the Irish tin whistle gives the opportunity for the refugees to learn and play Irish music with an instrument that is light portable, inexpensive to buy and relatively easy to learn.Sheridan Insurance are currently researching for an underwriter to provide public liability insurance for our NGO so that our volunteers are covered should they get pricked by a needle while cleaning out tents at festivals or any other risk involved in our work.Broker Kelly Crowe has been amazing at her job. From the very beginning Kelly was able to organise a quote, with my line of work and my bad luck with vehicles I am often having to rent replacement cars to make sure I get to my commissions safely and punctually. I am never 5 mins from getting my insurance transferred to keep my rental costs lower. I needed a copy of my no claims bonus to get insured on my partners camper van and this was emailed to me within 5 mins of my request, even though this was with a different firm!I also run a tour business bringing clients on adventures with sea kayaking and photography. Once again my broker was able to produce a policy that was affordable and organised with minimal fuss in minimal time.For quality, price and especially (what I believe is the most important in business) service, Sheridan insurance is second to none.I could not recommend Sheridan Insurance and my broker Kelly Crowe enough.
We all hate shopping for insurance but the brokers at Sheridans do all the legwork for you and find the best deal and the cover you actually need - plus they are easy to deal with. You get assigned a broker and you can actually speak to a real human being. Great idea.
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