Schedule of Advice, Service and Support Fees

Our brokerage fees in relation to Initial placement, Renewal or Alteration of policies are listed below. The firm will charge you a fixed fee or a percentage of the insurance premium for the following services provided. For complex and non-standard cases, a pre agreed fee will be discussed on a case by case basis depending on the complexity of the case and level of work required.

2% compliance charge on the premium will apply across all our policy types. There are no charges on return premiums


Product TypeServiceStandard Fee
Personal InsuranceHome – New Business/RenewalUp to 50% of premium
Motor – New Business/RenewalUp to 50% of premium
Amendments/Cancellations/Documentation RequestsUp to €100
Agency TransferUp to 50% of premium
Commercial/BusinessNew BusinessUp to 75% of premium
RenewalUp to 75% of premium
Renewal RequoteUp to 75% of premium
Agency TransferUp to 75% of premium
Amendments/Cancellations/ Documentation RequestsUp to €100
HealthNew Business€50
New Business Beef Plan Movement€30
Agency Transfer€50
Renewal Business€50
Group Scheme New BusinessUp to €400
Group Scheme RenewalUp to €400
Financial Service FeesNew Business/Renewal€50
Policy Reviews (Life & Pension)€50
For Group and complex cases a fee will be pre agreed

An hourly rate of up to €200 per hour will be pre agreed for advice from without placement of policy


It is the policy of Sheridan Insurances to disclose actual fees charged on our documentation. Where as a result of a cancellation or an alteration a credit is returned from an Insurer, we will return this credit to you promptly. Where we arrange Insurance Premium Finance on your behalf a handling fee will apply. If you arrange Premium Credit Finance to pay your insurance premium, please note there will be no refund on a minimum deposit premium.