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Professional Indemnity

We have access to more than 20 insurers

Freedom of choice to find the most suitable cover today.

Give us 10 minutes of your time, when it suits you, to talk to one of our brokers and get your best professional indemnity insurance quote.

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Professional Indemnity

Professional indemnity is a type of business insurance that provides protection should your client make a claim for financial or reputational loss as a result of alleged negligence or defective work that you or your firm done for them.

Professional indemnity, sometimes known as PI, may cover your business should you make a mistake in your work, provide erroneous advice or a substandard service that results in your client making a claim against you.

Many different types of businesses invest in professional indemnity insurance cover, particularly if they provide advice, deliver a professional service, or manage data or intellectual property on behalf of their clients. From accountants and consultants to marketing specialists and legal advisors, professional indemnity is often considered essential to protect the viability of a business when something goes wrong.

What does professional indemnity insurance cover?

Professional indemnity covers a wide range of costs including legal expenses, damages and other costs should you:

  • provide the wrong advice to a client or make an error in your work for them
  • defame your client in the course of your work
  • violate your client’s confidentiality and share their private information without their consent
  • disregard copyrights, trademarks and/or intellectual property
  • have an employee that causes your client financial or reputation loss.

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At Sheridan Insurances we understand that providing professional expertise that clients depend upon also carries a degree of risk. That’s why careful risk management is essential to giving you the confidence to get on with your business and deliver the very best job possible. Professional indemnity insurance is an essential component of your risk management strategy; our experienced brokers can support you with expert advice about a tailored policy and indemnity levels that suit the needs of your business.

With more than 40 years in business, Sheridan Insurances prides itself on protecting their clients’ businesses with professional indemnity insurance.

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Professional indemnity from Sheridan Insurances comes with a variety of benefits such as:

Access to a wide range of insurers and options, that also provides flexibility for all business sizes, small, medium and large
Experienced and dedicated brokers who will research the market on your behalf
Support and advice at proposal form completion stage
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Professional Indemnity insurance FAQs

We want to make sure you know exactly what professional indemnity insurance from Sheridan Insurances protects you for.
Take a look at our FAQs or talk to one of our brokers.

Do I need professional indemnity insurance?
Many professionals wonder whether professional indemnity insurance is really a requirement for their business. It is worth considering whether your client could lodge a legal claim against you for work you did that caused them to suffer a financial or reputation loss. If the answer is “yes” then you most certainly should explore your options for professional indemnity. Some professions require Professional indemnity if their representative body have made it mandatory. Examples of areas were professional indemnity might be a prerequisite would be solicitors, doctors, accountants, veterinary and insurance brokers.
Is it mandatory to have professional indemnity insurance in Ireland?
Some professional and regulatory bodies do require certain businesses to have cover. For example, if your business is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, then you must have professional indemnity insurance. It is not an optional product. In addition, some business contracts stipulate the contractor takes a minimum amount of professional indemnity cover. Even if it is not a requirement for your business or the contract you are servicing, without professional indemnity, you could be liable for thousands of euros worth of legal fees and compensation payments in the event of a client’s claim against you.
What level of indemnity would I need?

Insurers offer different levels of cover typically between €1000,000 and €10million. The level of cover you need for your business will depend on:

  • whether a project or business contract specifies the amount of cover requiredthe value of the work you are providing, including your own fees
  • the recommendations of your relevant professional or regulatory bodies.
How much does professional indemnity insurance cost?
Your professional indemnity insurance premium will be determined by a range of factors, such as the size of the business you are contracting to, and the type of risk it faces.
Is professional indemnity insurance tax deductible?
Yes, professional indemnity insurance is considered an ‘allowable expense’ for your business.
Do I need professional indemnity insurance if I work from home?
Unlike public liability insurance that covers third parties that visit your physical premises, professional indemnity covers the work you do for your client, not the location where you do it. If you provide advice or deliver a professional service, you should speak to a Sheridan Insurances broker about professional indemnity cover, regardless of where you physically undertake the work.
What is an example of a claim against professional indemnity?
A solicitor was briefed by their client to provide an agreement to protect their intellectual property, when and if the client had the agreement signed and in place with a third party. The agreement proved useless when the third party stole the IP, rendering the client’s business less profitable. The client lost a substantial amount of money and took legal action against the solicitor for professional negligence. The solicitor’s professional indemnity insurance policy fortunately covered their legal costs and compensation payments to the client.
What types of claims does professional indemnity cover?

Professional indemnity is designed to cover a range of claims, such as:

  • Substandard work. Like everything in life sometimes things get missed or overlooked. In these situations, professional indemnity insurance becomes an invaluable asset that helps you navigate your way to a solution.
  • Work is erroneous. This is not uncommon in many professions such as an accountant who can be accused of producing inaccurate work. Especially if the client subsequently suffered a financial loss or was inaccurately fined by revenue or another authority.
  • Did not meet the brief. Sometimes a client might claim that you did not meet the agreed brief and they could try to sue you. Unfortunately, it only takes a grievance or misunderstanding to create a situation where this exact scenario could arise.
What type of work can benefit from a professional indemnity policy?

Professional indemnity cover should be a serious consideration for any business owner, consultant or contractor, freelancer, self-employed or sole trader that:

  • provides advice or professional services to clients
  • provides designs to clients
  • needs to protect themselves against the potential for allegations of mistakes or negligence in work they have undertaken
  • is a member of an industry association or governed by a regulatory body that requires them to have it.
What professions typically need professional indemnity insurance?

Some examples of professions that are likely to need professional indemnity insurance are:

  • IT programmers, developers, website agencies, contractors, engineers, CAD designers, and project engineers
  • consultants in business, technology, recruitment, education, trainers, marketing, and sales.
  • agencies such as design, branding, web, digital development, social media, SEO, management, recruitment, and PR
  • designers such as web designers and interior designers
  • professional services including architects, solicitors, accountants, medical professionals, personal trainers, and yoga instructors.
Did you know?
If your business is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, then you must have professional indemnity insurance. It is not an optional product.

Sheridan Insurances has more than 40 years’ experience helping businesses to protect their commercial, personal income and general insurance needs. We have access to a wide selection of insurance providers that can offer you flexibility, choice and the best policy to suit your business.

When you choose Sheridan Insurances as your insurance partner, you will benefit from:

  • access to up to a large selection of insurance providers
  • dedicated brokers who will research the market on your behalf
  • tailored and uniquely customised policies with the most suitable products from different insurance providers bundled together in one package
  • our in-depth understanding of policy terms to help you navigate the small print
  • cost effective bundled business packages that costs less than the total cost of all the individual covers when combined

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James K.
James K.
Excellent service provided by Audrey and Brian, and done in a very friendly and helpful manner.
Scott T.
Scott T.
Excellent customer services from Stephen and everyone at this company!! 100%!
sindija S.
sindija S.
Wonderful experience.Audrey very helpful and she provide excellent customer service.
Gerry H.
Gerry H.
I recently had the privilege of dealing with Stephen in Sheridan Insurances regarding a complicated car insurance issue, (Well complicated for me). Stephen took the time to assess the situation, then spent an hour sorting through the various issues. He got me great cover at a fair price & made the experience seem so simple. All was done in a professional & friendly manner. I commend Stephen highly & the face to face interaction certainly beats the online quagmire frequently presented by most insurance companies.
Derek B.
Derek B.
Dealt with Miriam in relation to my car insurance. Pleasure to deal with and great advice when insuring the car to bear in mind if I was going to add my daughter who was starting to drive as this could have an impact on her getting cover with particular insurers. Great service and advice
Dermot B.
Dermot B.
We have worked with the Team at Sheridan Insurances for the past number of years on our Groups employees Health Insurance Scheme.Noeleen & her colleagues have provided a brilliant service giving clear and concise advice on a timely basis both to the company and on any employee queries that have arisen.
Mary S.
Mary S.
Stephen helped me out with my first car insurance policy. He was great, made the process very easy, got me a good deal and was super friendly!
Fabulous service from Siobhan and the team in Sheridan Insurances. I am a client for a number of years and the services is always the same - perfect. A customer focused team.
Jean A.
Jean A.
Excellent support, guidance and advice from the QFA, Audrey Jameson
Helen C.
Helen C.
Thank you, Miriam, at Sheridan Insurance.  Being able to discuss my home insurance needs as an Holistic Therapist was so stress free and easy with you. Your attention to detail and professional way made the whole process so smooth.  Thank you for the human touch also, in taking the time to walk me through my policy.   Highly recommending your services and supporting your local business in Navan. Co Meath. Thank you, Miriam Sheridan and Sheridan Insurance. Helen Colgan
Richard L.
Richard L.
Lifesavers – With 110% professionalism at all times, we were provided with much needed support and guidance under difficult circumstances, with a very tight deadline. Without the team in Sheridan Insurance’s diligence and effort, going the extra mile on more than one occasion, we can honestly say we wouldn’t have the secure future we can now look forward to. We would recommend Sheridan Insuances to anyone looking for any type of insurance. Hands down the best decision you'll make! Thank you Audrey, Brian and Niall. Richard & Maria Leonard
Fergal S.
Fergal S.
An absolute pleasure to deal with, there is great communicators in Sheridan insurance, Brian Flanagan is an absolute gentleman. Will definitely be in contact with Sheridan insurance in the near future.
Pauline B.
Pauline B.
Highly recommend this insurance company they have gone above and beyond to help me get my business insurance and at a great price.The staff couldn't have been any more helpful to me.Give them a call you wont be disappointed
Andrew S.
Andrew S.
I used Sheridan Insurances in Cavan today and the service was absolutely first class. They were helpful, knowledgeable, professional and polite. I can highly recommend Sheridan Insurances.
Mary R.
Mary R.
Well mannered and attended toWith ease and business done ..quickly
Eugene T.
Eugene T.
Great gang in sheridans insurance very easy to deal with.. especially Tommy Brady top man when you need one..
Pip A.
Pip A.
My name is Philip Sheridan Sides.I was buying a van on done deal when I saw the advert for Sheridan insurance. The playright Richard Brinsley Sheridan was one of my ancestors and that is where the Sheridan in my full name as we had the same name. \I rang the office for a quote and was put through to broker Kelly Crowe. My first premium was high as I had been with Dolman Insurance who specialise in Camper vans and my no claims on the camper van was not able to transfer. This is something I believe the insurance industry should change as it is unfair on camper van drivers who like myself at the tie use the vehicle as their only method of transport.This was seven years ago. I am a very busy free lance photographer, musician and I run an NGO called Whistles for Refugees.The NGO collects unwanted tents and sleeping bags at festivals, thus saving them from landfill thus turning this landfill into aid for the most vulnerable people on this planet fleeing the horrors of ISIS. Whistles for Refugees also brings whistles out to refugee camps, music is healing and the Irish tin whistle gives the opportunity for the refugees to learn and play Irish music with an instrument that is light portable, inexpensive to buy and relatively easy to learn.Sheridan Insurance are currently researching for an underwriter to provide public liability insurance for our NGO so that our volunteers are covered should they get pricked by a needle while cleaning out tents at festivals or any other risk involved in our work.Broker Kelly Crowe has been amazing at her job. From the very beginning Kelly was able to organise a quote, with my line of work and my bad luck with vehicles I am often having to rent replacement cars to make sure I get to my commissions safely and punctually. I am never 5 mins from getting my insurance transferred to keep my rental costs lower. I needed a copy of my no claims bonus to get insured on my partners camper van and this was emailed to me within 5 mins of my request, even though this was with a different firm!I also run a tour business bringing clients on adventures with sea kayaking and photography. Once again my broker was able to produce a policy that was affordable and organised with minimal fuss in minimal time.For quality, price and especially (what I believe is the most important in business) service, Sheridan insurance is second to none.I could not recommend Sheridan Insurance and my broker Kelly Crowe enough.
We all hate shopping for insurance but the brokers at Sheridans do all the legwork for you and find the best deal and the cover you actually need - plus they are easy to deal with. You get assigned a broker and you can actually speak to a real human being. Great idea.
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