Our Going Green Commitments


While Sheridan Insurances is proud of its progress, this year’s Meath Business & Tourism Awards has reignited its enthusiasm and commitment to improve how it does business in a more Customer and Eco-Friendly manner.

Environmental issues such as global warming, air pollution, waste disposal and water pollution have been very much at the fore of media reports this year to highlight the immediate response that’s needed from society and businesses to save the animal and plant kingdom.

“Now we have been warned that the planet is close to extinction,” Benny Sheridan says, Sheridan Insurances is playing its part to ensure the planet is a little bit greener and communicating this message and encouraging others to do the same.

With this in mind Sheridan Insurances will reward customers and staff who embrace and implement Eco Friendly changes that reduce waste and make their business better. It will leave no-one behind. Everyone will be afforded the opportunity to participate in its Going Green Commitments, and benefit from doing business in a more Eco-Friendly manner. We have many different product lines set up for online quotations, which makes it easier for Customers to get the ball rolling at a time that suits them.

Sheridan Insurances will partner with One Charity/Community Group in 2020 who can share in the benefit of doing business in a more Eco Friendly way. Any interested charity or community group can make an application to become the 2020 Charity/Community Partner using our Application Form.

Through this initiative Benny Sheridan said this “Green and Gold” commitment is offering partnering businesses a chance to also reach out and show what they are doing to tackle environmental issues. Benny quotes Mahatma Gandhi when he says; “You must be the Change you wish to see in the World.”
To secure a bright future for generations to come and to essentially save the planet, Sheridan Insurances is certainly showing how committed it is to playing its part within the Insurance sector,

From small beginnings in Slane, Sheridan Insurances always had a Vision, and has proven this time and time again, becoming an established independent Insurance Brokers in the Market, celebrating a milestone 40 years in business in 2019, we work from locations in Cavan, Dublin and Navan and at the recent Meath Careers Expo were successful in recruiting people who have chosen to work locally, which is an ideal example of this Green and Gold commitment.