MultiYear Home Insurance – Saving you Time, Energy & Money

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At Sheridan Insurances we don’t just offer our customers protection, we offer choice and convenience. And when it comes to convenience it doesn’t get any better than our new Multi-Year Home Insurance Policy.

What is MultiYear Home Insurance?

MultiYear Home Insurance is a policy that allows you protection of your home and contents over a longer period of time.  So instead of your usual 1 year protection, you have the option of staying protected for up to 2 or 3 years.  

What Are the Benefits of MultiYear Home Insurance?

  1. Peace of Mind. Enjoy long-term certainty and security knowing that your home can be insured for up to 2 or 3 years with the same outstanding coverage as your yearly policy. Regardless of whether there’s a claim within the first, second or third year, your premium won’t be affected until the policy ends.
  2. Better Choice. You decide whether you want the policy cover for 2 years or 3 years.
  3. Money Saver. Because there are no price increases over the chosen policy duration you are guaranteed to save money with reduced advice, service and support fees. Initial fee covers the full 2/3 year policy.
  4. Time & Energy Saver. Imagine not having to spend time renewing or worrying about renewing your policy because with MultiYear you don’t just save on money, you save on time and energy – leaving you free to concentrate on other things. 
  5. Extra Benefits. Fatal accident benefit (up to €10,000 for the loss of a loved one) all risks single article limit up to €3,500, Business equipment €2,500.
  6. Easy Payment Options – With a low deposit/APR rate, payments can be made over 30 months with the final 6 months payment free or alternatively a single up-front payment sorts it for full term.

Many of our customers are now choosing MultiYear Home Insurance because of the benefits.

Not having to worry about renewing a policy or increased premium is one of the biggest reasons I won’t be going back to annual renewal. In fact, if such were available, I’ll be looking to go MultiYear with other policies I have with Sheridan InsurancesGerry Mc Phillips.

For further information on our MultiYear Home Insurance Policy call: 049 438 0020 to talk to one of our Home Insurance Advisor’s.