Meet Miriam

Miriam Sheridan is a founding director of Sheridan Insurances. She has over 35 years’ experience working as an Insurance Broker. Her expertise in the Insurance industry ensures that she quickly identifies and provides optimal solutions for her customer’s personal and business requirements. She is also a member of the Life Insurance Association of Ireland. Miriam ensures that an advisory and collaborative relationship is embraced by both customers and staff and is delighted to say that many of those relationships have developed into lifelong friendships.

She graduated from DIT School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology, with a degree in Agriculture and domestic sciences and subsequently began her career as a chef. She wanted to utilise her exceptional people and organisational skills; so, she followed the path to a career in insurance brokering with her husband Benny Sheridan. They started their brokerage in Slane, Co. Meath in 1985 and have gone from strength to strength since then. She quickly up-skilled herself in all areas of the insurance industry. Her many years of experience shines through in her calm, reassuring manner and the fact that customers and staff alike never hesitate to ask her anything.

Miriam deals first-hand with customers’ needs as well as insurance companies. She ensures that Sheridan Insurances has the necessary resources and infrastructure to continue to grow the business across multiple locations and secure its future in this digital age. She has a portfolio of general insurance customers primarily in the area of property and farm insurance and shares that she “really enjoys the direct interaction with customers, assessing their insurance needs and sourcing suitable cover.”

After more than 25 years driving the successful growth of the Sheridan Insurances business, Miriam has taken on a key role as the chief financial manager. Her main role now is the financial management of the company, managing accounting records, monitoring expenditure, forecasting revenue, credit control, dealing with accounting issues, and overseeing all general operations.

In her spare time, Miriam loves spending time outdoors and enjoys walking the family’s dog. She is an enthusiastic bridge player and regularly partakes in bridge tournaments. Running a successful business is challenging and exciting but family is very close to her heart and she enjoys cooking and caring for Benny her husband, James and Florence her children, family, friends, and neighbours. Saturday Brunch at Miriam’s is a long-standing tradition. At least we know where everyone will be on Saturday at lunchtime.

We asked Miriam what is one piece of advice that she would pass on or share with others? With much thought and deliberation, Miriam shared with us that “Happiness is a choice”. This is plain to see if you have the pleasure of meeting Miriam in person.

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