Meet Benny

Benny Sheridan started Sheridan Insurances in 1979. He is a Certified Insurance Professional and qualified Financial Adviser with more than has 40 years’ experience working in the Insurance Business. He is responsible for shaping the business and supporting the team, to ensure they have what they need to get things done. His leadership style facilitates a culture of accountability and empowerment as well as personal development. Benny has worn many hats in the Insurance Brokerage industry and puts this experience to good use to strengthen the stability of Sheridan Insurances.

Originally from Meath, Benny is the seventh of ten children and was well accustomed to the operations of a busy enterprise from an early age. His childhood memories are carved out of images of his family home and the attached business. A busy shop housed under a thatched and galvanized roof. Benny’s entrepreneurial spirit burned a bright flame from an early age. He started working at sixteen years old in a hardware shop in Navan and took up a second position as an assistant to a dairy farmer. Sixteen years later in 1994 Benny started a small farming enterprise, joined the organic trust, and has since aspired to farm in an environmentally friendly manner.

Benny answered his calling in an advertisement in the local newspaper in 1979. He applied for a job as an Insurance Agent with Irish Life. Soon after, he met his beautiful wife Miriam and they started on life’s adventures together. Benny had an “entrepreneurial seizure” as he likes to call it, in May 1985. Soon after this, he made the brave decision to open their Brokerage firm, and they have gone from strength to strength since then.

Benny appreciates the value of life and good health, having been involved in a head-on car crash in 1988. This changed his philosophy in life. He shares his belief that he is here to enjoy a temporary human experience and aspires to live in harmony with nature when he is here. Benny and Miriam have raised two wonderful children and enjoy spending time with them. They created the Sheridan Insurances culture and truly believe that you must protect what matters.

We asked Benny what was one piece of advice that he would pass on or share with others and he did not hesitate with his response. “There are only a handful of key decisions required in your life, choose carefully when making key decisions.”

This is the foundation stone of Sheridan Insurance’s vision. Sheridan Insurances are here to guide you through those choices and help you make the best insurance choices to protect what matters most to you and your family.

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