Meet Audrey

Audrey Jameson is a Life and Financial Broker and is responsible for Life Insurance as well as a portfolio of Financial Risk Management solutions in Sheridan Insurances. She focuses on life cover, pensions, and asset management. Audrey has over 25 years of Financial Broker and Insurance experience. She is a Qualified Financial Advisor and is a senior member of the Sheridan Insurances team since 2014. Audrey deals directly with prospective and existing clients, handling queries and ensuring the smooth running of the life and financial business within Sheridan Insurances.

We asked Audrey what skills are essential to become a successful Financial Advisor and Insurance Broker?

“Accuracy, attention to detail and honesty are essential to establish a relationship of trust with every single client. Confident negotiation skills will be useful when dealing with insurance companies on behalf of your client.”

Audrey will always champion the interests of her clients, by offering the best protection at the best prices. She provides a constant presence before, during and after any claims queries, for all clients. If you have had the pleasure of speaking with Audrey, you will know that she is a fantastic listener. She has a great ability to decipher the relevant facts from your conversation and present a solution that meets your needs.

She is a local Cavan woman and a proud mother of 3 teenage children. She believes passionately in building a strong foundation for your children in their childhood years. This will hopefully support what they chose to do in the future. Her hobbies include walking, cooking, and antiquing. We asked Audrey when is a good time to consider investing in Life Insurance?

If you financially support a partner, children, or aging parents you should consider buying Life Insurance. If you’re self-employed, starting a family, or paying off debt, it’s a good time to protect you and your family with Life Insurance.

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