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When Renewing your Farm Insurance consider the following

Uncertainty is second nature to farmers and agricultural contractors. But the last two years have given everyone a lot to think about and insurance is something that has never been so important. Making sure you have the right cover for you and that you are adequately protecting yourself, your family, your farm, your livelihood, etc, is non-negotiable. Our resident Farm Insurance Broker Thomas is going to share a few tips that will help when you are renewing your farm insurance.

Be prepared

Have your policy schedule on hand or contact your broker or insurance provider to get a copy. This is a great starting point, both you and your insurance provider know exactly what cover levels you have in place. It will help you compare cover options with insurance providers and discuss the best cover options available to you.

Any changes

When it’s time to renew it is also time to review your current policy schedule. It’s important to include any changes in the last 12 months. You must ask yourself does the cover you had match the cover you need now. Below is a list of things you might want to take into consideration:

  • Did you employ farm, casual or voluntary labourers or engage with agricultural contractors?
  • Do you drive a Farm Jeep?
  • Did you build, remove, modify or extend existing buildings on the farm?
  • Did your livestock increase or decrease?
  • Did the farm change ownership?
  • Am I protected against farm machinery theft?
  • Are my storage and out-buildings secure?
  • Have I declared and listed what could be stolen?
  • Did the acreage increase or decrease?
  • Did you buy or sell tractors, quads, machinery, trailers, loaders, harvesters, mowers?
  • Are the details of my equipment up to date and accurate?
  • Are my values for milking quotas, equipment, or tank sufficient?
  • Do you have an alternative type of enterprise or secondary business on the farm, such as a Guest House, artificial insemination or animal scanning facility, dog grooming or pet kennel, or food manufacturing facility?

Answering these questions in advance of renewing your farm insurance will help ensure you choose the right cover for you.

Picking the Right Insurance For You

When shopping around for insurance, select an insurer that makes it easy for you to switch. That’s where Sheridan Insurances can help. As a Broker, we will search the market for the best insurance cover for you. We make sure that renewing or taking out farmer’s insurance is a hassle-free process. The process can be done over the phone, or by calling a Sheridan Insurances Branch. There is no requirement for form filling, we will do that with you. There is a straightforward and quick assessment of outbuildings suitability for storm cover using online tools for assessing the suitability of storm covers such as google maps and google earth.

At Sheridan Insurances we have been supporting Farmers for more than 40 years. Helping Farmers and agricultural Contractors secure the right insurance for their needs.

Get in touch with a member of our team by scheduling a callback at a time that suits you. Alternatively, if you are in a hurry get a Quick Quote now.