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Liability Insurance – Common Questions

Q.What does event liability cover?
A.Event liability insurance covers a range of risks, with the major ones being property damage and personal injuries caused to other people as a result of your event activities.

Q.How much does event liability cost?
A. There’s no fixed premium cost. It actually depends on many factors and the risk involved, which we will establish with specific questions for you when you contact us about a quote

Q. Does it cover my staff and employees?
A. Yes, absolutely

Q. Does it cover my subcontractors?
A. No, they should have their own current insurance, so do check this with them in advance to see they are adequately insured

Q.How can I get a quote?
A. Very easily, call us and we will check the best available options in the marketplace for you

Q.Can I pay my premiums monthly?
A.No, in general it’s not an expensive product. If you are running an event, you must have your full premium paid before the event takes place

Q. How much liability cover do I need?
A. It depends on the event and if you need to indemnify third parties. Call us and we can give you the best advice around this