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Advice to Customers Who May Have Suffered Damage to, or Loss of their Property

A job well begun is half-done, take photographs of the damage, get detailed estimates showing a breakdown of required repairs, Temporary repairs to your property may be required and arranged by you to prevent further damage.

Notify your Sheridan Insurances Broker as soon as possible. Click here to view our emergency numbers. Retain all damaged property on site. At this stage we need to establish if you have cover for the damage or loss to your Property and the policy excess applicable.

Depending on the complexity of the damage, you may wish to appoint an independent Loss Assessor to help you prepare and agree your claim, the Loss Assessors fee plus vat is payable by you, this is a key decision in the claims process to deal with the claim yourself or appoint a Loss Assessor. Some Insurance companies have a panel of approved repairers, and may wish to appoint a Construction Firm to repair your damage. Sheridan Insurances can provide Support, Service and Advice at this stage to help you make an informed decision.

Patience is your best friend during the Claims process; as the Consumer Protection Code is there to assist you deal with Claims in a Professional Manner. We remain contactable during all stages of this Process, to provide our Support, Service and Advice in accordance with the Consumer Protection Code.