Is Health Insurance Worth It?

Health Insurance

In our last article we talked to Noeleen, Sheridan Insurances resident health Insurance champion about the benefits and importance of health insurance. Today we want to expand on the benefits and the costs of private health insurance cover.

Interviewer: Welcome back Noeleen, so we wanted to expand on our earlier conversation about health insurance benefits and the costs of a typical health insurance plan. There has been some great questions from the public since we last met and if you don’t mind we will start with them.

Interviewer: What would your advice be to someone considering switching health insurance?

Noeleen: This is more common than you might think! People change jobs, get married, have a family, retire, etc, and they need additional cover. It is always advisable to shop around for cover that meets your needs and your budget. The advantage of an insurance broker is that they will do this for you. As an insurance broker that is my job, I listen to your story and help find you a plan that is designed around your needs and at a price that is affordable for you. I know first-hand that health insurance can give you a voice when you need it most:

I spoke with a customer yesterday about her policy and she was so grateful she had the cover she needed for her and her family. She, unfortunately, had her son in hospital following a brief but serious illness. He is a strong, healthy 18-year-old boy and not the typical description of someone who would require health cover, but the reality is no one knows when anyone might need medical intervention.

He was feeling poorly, but the strong young man, that he was, he continued with everyday life and thought nothing about the fact he was unwell. He had an important role to play in a football match with his local team and after the football match, he continued to feel unwell. He was brought to the emergency department in the local hospital and was diagnosed with a ruptured appendix. He was operated on immediately and the surgery was a success. However, he continued to be lethargic and his condition was not improving. Having Health Insurance, his mother insisted that further investigations were required and requested a scan. The scan revealed an internal infection, and he was put on an urgent course of antibiotics by drip to counteract the fatal effect that the infection could have caused if left any longer.

Interviewer: Well I can most certainly see the merits of having private health insurance. But is it expensive?

Noeleen: Health Insurance does not have to be expensive, there are hundreds of health plans available on the market that can be tailored to suit your health, financial and lifestyle needs.

Prices vary depending on the level of cover required. For as little as €10.94 per week, Sheridan Insurances offer the Select Starter Plan is available for selected public hospitals. This might suit someone starting off and looking to get some of the health insurance benefits that are available.

The Kickoff Plan starts at €12.06 per week. It covers selected public hospitals and 65% in selected private hospitals. At Sheridan Insurances we have a lot of students and young adults that avail of this plan.

One of the most popular plans in Sheridan Insurances is The Benefit Plan. It starts at €19.95 per week. It provides cover in all public and all private hospitals such as the Sports Clinic in Dublin and one high-tech hospital, The Beacon Clinic, in Dublin. This plan is very popular with sports enthusiasts and young athletes.

There are many options available and one of the most comprehensive plans is the 4 D Health 3 Plan which Sheridan Insurances offer at the discounted price of €26.91 a week. This health plan covers all public, private and high-tech hospitals including Blackrock Clinic, Beacon Clinic and Mater Private. It also includes cover for day to day outpatient medical expenses.

Interviewer: I can tell you are extremely passionate about what you do and that you enjoy helping your customers. If I was considering availing of health insurance today with Sheridan Insurances what one piece of advice would you leave me with.

Noeleen: I have been doing this for a very long time and I hear some amazing stories and some really sad stories. The one piece of advice I would have for you today either taking out a new policy or switching is that Prevention is better than cure. Purchasing a Health Insurance policy and availing of the many preventative benefits available can help stop or slow down a health issue and potentially prevent it from getting worse. In the unfortunate event that you need further investigation or procedures, you will have peace of mind knowing that your health insurance policy has you covered.

Interviewer: Thank you Noeleen and I look forward to our next conversation about health Insurance.

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