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Home Insurance

We have access to more than 20 insurers

Freedom of choice to find the most suitable cover today.

Give us 10 minutes of your time, when it suits you, to talk to one of our brokers and get your best home insurance quote.

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Home Insurance

Home insurance provides homeowners with peace-of-mind that their building structure and contents are protected against theft, fire, storms, floods, subsidence and water leaks.

Your home is likely the biggest investment you will ever make in your life. Home insurance protects that investment by covering the cost of reinstating your home and replacing your contents should they be lost or damaged as a result of an event that was outside of your control.

Who should consider home insurance?

Anyone that owns a property, whether or not they have a mortgage, should consider home insurance to cover their investment. This includes landlords and flat owners that rent their premises to other people.

Anyone who lives in a home, regardless of whether they own or rent the home, should consider having their contents insured. If their contents are lost, stolen or damaged, contents insurance will replace them up to an agreed limit which is specified on the insurance policy schedule.

Building Insurance

Building insurance is a policy that provides cover for the structure of your home (such as the walls, roof, floors and extensions) and its fixtures (built-in wardrobes, bathroom suites and fitted kitchens). It is designed to cover the cost of returning your home to the condition it was in prior to suffering damage or being destroyed. Building insurance can also be tailored to include a number of additional benefits, such as outbuildings, bicycles, ride-on lawn mowers, accidental damage and the cost of alternative accommodation during repair work to the insured home. You only need building insurance if you are the owner of your home.

Contents Insurance

Contents insurance covers the items you own inside your home, such as carpet and light fittings, through to entertainment and electrical goods, money and financial documents, furniture, clothing, white goods, and personal items such as laptops and computers, jewellery and artworks and designer fashion accessories.

While home insurance isn’t a legal requirement in Ireland, mortgage lenders will insist upon building insurance as you become legally responsible for the property once contracts are signed and exchanged.

Your benefits…

Competitive premiums with multi-year discounts
Accidental death benefit
Freedom of choice to find the most suitable cover
Full accidental damage cover on buildings & contents

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Other types of home insurance we offer…

Holiday Home Insurance

A holiday home should be synonymous with relaxation and a care-free approach rather than worries about whether your investment is protected from theft, fire, flood, storm or other damage. Holiday Home Insurance will not only provide protection for your holiday home, but also for the contents contained within it. Should the worst happen, you can be confident knowing your insurance policy will cover the cost of reinstating the building structure and replacing your contents, including furniture, carpet and fittings, and electric and white goods, generally up to a limit set out in your policy schedule.

Landlord's Insurance

It is important to protect your investment in the event of fire, theft or storm damage as well as protecting your liability as a property owner. It can include:

Building insurance is a policy that provides cover for the structure of your home (such as the walls, roof, floors and extensions) and its fixtures (built-in wardrobes, bathroom suites and fitted kitchens). 

Contents insurance covers the items you own inside your home, such as carpet and light fittings, through to electrical goods and furniture,

Self-Build Insurance

There are few projects as exciting as building your own home. If you have decided to opt for a self-build rather than contracting a builder to manage the process for you, it is important that you have the appropriate employers and public liability cover in place.  It is important to establish the duration of the build when commencing the project. Your quotation is based on the size of the property, type of construction and duration of build.

Caravan Insurance

When it’s time to get away, there is nothing quite like the freedom afforded by your caravan. Every caravan is different and the requirements of caravan owners are unique. That’s why tailored caravan Insurance is so important to ensure your investment is properly protected. Your Sheridan Insurances broker can discuss the type of policies available and what is best for your caravan and your needs, giving you the confidence to really enjoy your caravan getaways.

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Siobhan McPhillips

Insurance Broker

At Sheridan Insurances, we understand your home is your castle. While your home is a valuable financial investment, it also represents your family, security, and stability.

In response, and as part of the Source Broker Network, we have worked hard to negotiate a Household Policy Wording and Claims procedure with the major insurers in the market.

You can also make huge savings by opting for a multi-year policy. This guarantees your premium will not increase next year!

Sheridan Insurances has more than 40 years’ experience helping protect what is important with tailored cover that provides the ultimate peace-of-mind.

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Home insurance FAQs

We want to make sure you know exactly what home insurance from Sheridan Insurances protects you for.
Take a look at our FAQs or talk to one of our brokers.

Did You Know?
  • Contrary to popular belief, given the right conditions, many houses are at risk from wind damage, flooding and fire. However, your home insurance policy may only cover flooding caused by a burst or frozen pipe. If you are renewing your home policy or looking for new insurance, you should ask your Sheridan Insurances broker about cover for flood risk.
  • That the terms Value At Risk (VAR) and Market Value (MV) are not the same thing. VAR is the true cost of reinstating or rebuilding a property that has experienced damage. You can find further information on https://scsi.ie/
  • Your home insurance may cover your belongings that are not physically on your property, if you have unspecified all risks cover on your policy.
  • Your bicycle is covered under most home policies even when it is not at home. That means if it is stolen when it is chained to the railing outside the shop, you could be covered for its replacement value. You should record the make, model and serial number of your bicycle along with a photo.
  • Self-employed people with a home office may have their office and its contents insured under their home insurance policy.
What to do if your property and/or contents have been damaged, stolen or destroyed?
In the wake of property damage or a total loss, it is natural to feel angry, anxious and miserable. That’s why Sheridan Insurances is here to support you with your insurance claim. In the event of damage or loss, follow these steps before making a claim.

Step 1. Get in touch with our team as soon as possible via our 24-hour emergency numbers. Don’t remove any damaged property and don’t start your clean-up because this could affect your claim. Our team will check your insurance policy to establish whether you have cover for the damage or loss you have experienced and whether a policy excess is applicable.

Step 2. Take photographs of the damage and obtain detailed estimates that individually list all the repairs required including any temporary repairs that you need to arrange to prevent further damage.

Step 3. If you don’t want to handle the claim yourself, you could appoint an independent loss assessor to help you prepare and negotiate your claim with your insurer and their loss adjustor. The team at Sheridan Insurances can provide support and advice at this stage to help you make an informed decision.

During the claims process, the Consumer Protection Code is designed to protect you and help you deal with claims in a professional manner. You will find our support, service and advice is in accordance with this code.

Should you review before you renew?

Maybe we can find you a better offer…

Rather than simply renewing your insurance policy each year, why not let the team at Sheridan Insurances search the market on your behalf? We may be able to save you moneyor add value to your cover with additional features. If you have a renewal quote from your existing home insurance provider, take a photograph of the quote and email it to us at home@sheridaninsurances.com. We will get working on your review straight away!

What is MultiYear Home Insurance?
MultiYear Home Insurance protects your home and contents over a longer period of time. Instead of the typical policy that will cover a home for one year, MultiYear Home Insurance offers the option of protecting your home for two or three years at a time for a fixed premium.
What are the benefits of MultiYear Home Insurance?

MultiYear Home Insurance offers a range of benefits including:

  • Long-term certainty and security: your home is insured for up to two or three years under the same policy.
  • Better choice: you decide whether you want the policy cover for two or three years.
  • Money savings: no premium increases over the chosen policy duration; regardless of whether there’s a claim within the first, second or third year, your premium won’t be subject to change until the policy ends.
  • Time and energy savings: no need to review your policy year on year when your MultiYear Home Insurance provides cover for two or three years.
  • Extra benefits: fatal accident benefit (up to €10,000 for the loss of a loved one); all risks single article limit up to €3,500 and business equipment limit up to €2,500.
  • Easy payment options: with a low deposit/APR rate, payments can be made over 30 months with the final six months payment free or alternatively a single up-front payment.

Above all, MultiYear Home Insurance provides you with peace-of-mind that you are covered when you need it most.

Do I really need building insurance?

It might not be a legal requirement, but considering the amount of money we spend on our homes, insurance could be seen as a good idea – especially if you live somewhere at a high risk of flooding, crime or subsidence. Your lender may also make it a condition of your mortgage.

Bear in mind that you should only take out insurance for your property if you own it (or have a mortgage on it) – and only then if your home isn’t part of a block of flats. If you are a tenant, your landlord or the property owner is the one responsible for buying insurance for the building.

Do I have to get home insurance through my mortgage provider?

While your mortgage lender will almost certainly require you to take out insurance to protect the building structure of your home, you aren’t obliged to buy it from their preferred insurer. In fact, you’ll probably be able to find better cover and value for money by checking out the market.

What’s the difference between property insurance and contents insurance?

Property insurance covers the structure of your home and other buildings like a garage if they sustain damage from a natural event such as a storm or flood, or if it is damaged through vandalism. Contents insurance protects your belongings such as  carpets, curtains and light fittings to white goods, furniture and your clothing.

How much should I insure my building for?

Insuring your home for the right amount is really important. While you don’t want to over value the cost of rebuilding your home and incur higher premiums, you also don’t want to face the consequences of being underinsured. You should calculate the total of what it would cost to rebuild your home completely – in the event it was totally destroyed by a fire or gas explosion, for example. Your calculations should not include the value of the land or its location – that would be taken into account for the property’s market value, which is not required for your building value at risk calculation.

How much does it cost to rebuild a house?

The cost of rebuilding your house today is likely to be different to what it cost when it was first built. That’s why it is important to calculate the cost of rebuilding your house in the same way with the same materials and labour at today’s prices. To determine the cost of rebuilding your home, the Chartered Surveyors of Ireland have produced a handy “Cost of rebuilding a house calculator” which is ideal for insurance purposes. https://scsi.ie/

What information do I need to take out home insurance?

You can submit your information about your home to obtain a quote in the online quotation section of the Sheridan Insurances website.

Will home insurance cover rising damp?

Home insurance is designed to cover you for the unexpected, such as damaged caused by a fire, flood or storm. It will not normally provide cover for wear and tear or issues that occur with ageing and deterioration, such as rising damp.

Can I get home insurance if I live in a flood risk area?

Talk to your Sheridan Insurances broker about home insurance if you live in a flood risk area. We can arrange tailored insurance that suits your home, its location and the specific flood risk.

What if I don’t know when my home was built?

Your title deed should state the year your home was built. However, if you are unsure, you can check the Property Registration Service at landdirect.ie for further information. Alternatively if you bought your house via an auctioneer the property brochure may have this information.

What if my house is of a non-standard construction?

Home Insurance can be tailored to suit just about any building type, including those with thatched roofs through to heritage buildings. It is important to determine a reasonably accurate rebuild cost though to ensure you have the right amount of cover. 

Does home insurance cover renovations and extensions?

Speak to your Sheridan Insurances broker about updating your policy to cover any work you are undertaking to your home. You should always speak to your broker before you start work to ensure your home insurance cover remains operative.

Is a garage considered a room?
A garage is considered separate from your home and will be noted as a separate structure on your insurance policy.
Do I need home insurance for unoccupied properties?
If your property is vacant for an extended period of time, you will likely need specialist cover for unoccupied properties, which includes fire, lightening, liability and explosions. Speak to your Sheridan Insurances broker for advice.
How do I work out the value of my contents?

Contents insurance is as good as the value you place on your belongings; if you underestimate their worth, you may not be able to replace everything. Similarly, if you place a higher value on your possessions than their actual worth, you will pay more for your insurance premium than you need to. Perhaps the most helpful advice when calculating the worth of your contents is to work room by room and identify all the items you would want to replace if they were stolen, damaged or destroyed. Make a separate list that notes your valuables.

Who needs contents insurance?
Anyone who wants to be able to replace their belongings in the event they are lost, damaged or stolen. This includes:

  • homeowners who already have insurance for their building structure
  • people renting a property who need to protect the personal items they have at their rented home
  • lodgers who can access specialist insurance for their personal contents, and students
  • people who share a flat or apartment and want to protect their own personal belongings
  • students who live in halls of residence or off campus accommodation
  • buy-to-let landlords, where a specialist policy is required for the property’s contents.
What extras can be included with contents insurance?
A wide range of extras can be added to your contents insurance for value added benefits, such as:

  • accidental damage for unintended breakage of personal items,
  • cover for belongings lost, stolen or damaged while out of the house
  • cover for emergency call outs and repairs such as a water leak
  • cover when you are away from home, including students who take their electronic equipment to college.
What does contents insurance cover?

Contents insurance is designed to cover your belongings and the personal items you have in your home. The general rule is that if it can be easily removed, for example if you were moving house, then it would be covered by contents insurance. This includes:

  • carpets, rugs and light fittings
  • electronicssuch as computers, smart devices and gaming consoles
  • entertainment equipment such as televisions and other audio and visual gear
  • furniture and white goods
  • money and financial documents
  • clothing, shoes, jewellery and accessories
  • sporting gear
  • artworks
  • musical instruments

If you have items of high value, such as sculptures, designer handbags or an engagement ring, these should be specified separately on your contents policy.

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My name is Philip Sheridan Sides.I was buying a van on done deal when I saw the advert for Sheridan insurance. The playright Richard Brinsley Sheridan was one of my ancestors and that is where the Sheridan in my full name as we had the same name. \I rang the office for a quote and was put through to broker Kelly Crowe. My first premium was high as I had been with Dolman Insurance who specialise in Camper vans and my no claims on the camper van was not able to transfer. This is something I believe the insurance industry should change as it is unfair on camper van drivers who like myself at the tie use the vehicle as their only method of transport.This was seven years ago. I am a very busy free lance photographer, musician and I run an NGO called Whistles for Refugees.The NGO collects unwanted tents and sleeping bags at festivals, thus saving them from landfill thus turning this landfill into aid for the most vulnerable people on this planet fleeing the horrors of ISIS. Whistles for Refugees also brings whistles out to refugee camps, music is healing and the Irish tin whistle gives the opportunity for the refugees to learn and play Irish music with an instrument that is light portable, inexpensive to buy and relatively easy to learn.Sheridan Insurance are currently researching for an underwriter to provide public liability insurance for our NGO so that our volunteers are covered should they get pricked by a needle while cleaning out tents at festivals or any other risk involved in our work.Broker Kelly Crowe has been amazing at her job. From the very beginning Kelly was able to organise a quote, with my line of work and my bad luck with vehicles I am often having to rent replacement cars to make sure I get to my commissions safely and punctually. I am never 5 mins from getting my insurance transferred to keep my rental costs lower. I needed a copy of my no claims bonus to get insured on my partners camper van and this was emailed to me within 5 mins of my request, even though this was with a different firm!I also run a tour business bringing clients on adventures with sea kayaking and photography. Once again my broker was able to produce a policy that was affordable and organised with minimal fuss in minimal time.For quality, price and especially (what I believe is the most important in business) service, Sheridan insurance is second to none.I could not recommend Sheridan Insurance and my broker Kelly Crowe enough.
We all hate shopping for insurance but the brokers at Sheridans do all the legwork for you and find the best deal and the cover you actually need - plus they are easy to deal with. You get assigned a broker and you can actually speak to a real human being. Great idea.
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