Premium rebate and new benefits for all Irish Life Health customers


Sheridan Insurances is a broker for Irish Life and we will communicate important updates and changes to Irish Life health policies with you.


Today Irish Life Health announced that all current customers will benefit from a reduction in their health insurance premiums. This will be in the form of a rebate for an expected three month period. They have announced that current customers with Private Hospital cover or advanced plans will receive between 36% and 60% (depending on your policy) of their monthly premium back. Current customers whose plans consist of predominantly public hospital cover or non-advanced plans will receive between 17% and 21%, depending on their specific policy. It is important to highlight that the Government health insurance levy, which is a significant component of a customer’s premium is fully payable during this period and therefore will not be reflected in the rebate.

The rebate will apply to all customers and follows temporary changes to how the health system will operate as a result of the Covid-19 emergency. A premium reduction will be in place for the three months when the private hospitals will operate as part of the public health system. The reduction will be applied retrospectively to premiums paid by customers for April, May and June and will be offset against premiums due in the following months. Exact details of the specific reduction for each policy will be communicated directly with customers over the coming weeks.

All Irish Life Health customers now have access to enhanced benefits including;

  • Nurse-led remote monitoring and clinical support service for individuals with suspected or actual COVID-19 infection
  • Digital appointments with doctors, consultants and nurses for non-COVID-19 related illnesses.

If you are a current Irish Life HEalth customer you will receive direct communication via email, post or text over the coming weeks with exact details of how this impacts your Irish Life health Policy.


If you do have any questions in relation to this you can discuss it with our specialised Health Insurance advisor.