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Farm Insurance

We have access to more than 20 insurers

Freedom of choice to find the most suitable cover today.

Give us 10 minutes of your time, when it suits you, to talk to one of our brokers and get your best farm insurance quote.

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Farm Insurance

Farm insurance provides protection for your farming business. Whether you are a beef, sheep, dairy or arable farmer, or run a more niche style of farm related business, farm insurance comprises a range of covers packaged in one policy. This can save you money and ensure your unique farming needs are covered.

What does farm insurance cover?

Depending on your needs, your farm insurance package can cover your livestock (including rare breeds), farm contents, agricultural contractors, liability, household insurance, and personal accident insurance. For example, farm cover can include:

  • Farm home insurance
  • Public liability
  • Employers’ liability
  • Farm Buildings
  • Contamination of bulk milk tanks
  • Products liability
  • Agricultural contracting insurance
  • Tractor and Teleporter insurance
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Legal expenses insurance

Farm insurance is available for all sizes, types and complexities of farms, giving you peace-of-mind that your farm, livelihood and your future is protected.

Your benefits…

Farm insurance from Sheridan Insurances comes with a variety of benefits such as:

A single point of contact to arrange all the different covers from the difference insurance providers
Robust, reliable cover
Access to specialists in relation to non-farming insurance products
A hands-on, personal approach

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Sheridan Insurances is your one-stop-shop for Ireland’s best farm policy. With more than 40 years’ experience helping to protect the livelihood and future of Ireland’s farmers, we are specialists in tailoring farm insurance packages to suit the unique needs of each different farm.

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Farm Insurance FAQs

We want to make sure you know exactly what home insurance from Sheridan Insurances protects you for.
Take a look at our FAQs or talk to one of our brokers.

Did you know?
  • Farms with three or less employees don’t need a Safety Statement, but they do need a Risk Assessment.
  • The definition of fire varies across difference insurance providers. On a farm, hay can self-combust and burst into flames and some providers won’t cover this.
  • Trailers being towed behind another vehicle are subject to an individual weight loading and the legal obligation is on you to know it and not exceed it.
  • If your son or daughter helps out on the farm, their age determines if they can be covered under your employer’s liability cover.
  • Separating your home insurance from your farm policy is beneficial in the event of a claim because if you claim on one policy it will not affect the overall package.
What Is Liability Insurance?

Covers your legal responsibility to the general public, visitors, customers, employees and suppliers should they suffer an accident or injury while on your farm. Public liability insurance covers the cost of legal defense and compensation in the unfortunate event of a claim against you following an injury, disease, or property damage that occurred at your farm or arising from your farming activities.

What is an example of a public liability claim?

  • Cattle breaking out onto a road and causing damage
  • Muck transferred from your farm to the road causing a motor accident
  • Slips, trips or falls when a third party visits your farm
Why is it important to have liability cover?
If you do not have adequate public liability protection in place or fail to disclose the full extent of your farming activities to an insurer, this could impact the future of your family farm holding. Claims arising from such unfortunate events mean you could be responsible for paying the compensation claimed, sending you into debt or in a worst-case scenario, cause you to lose the farm. If someone has an accident on your property, the resulting claim may be greater than the value of your combined assets. It is vital to remember that if you own property or livestock, you have a liability and duty of care to the public. Liability cover gives you peace-of-mind that in the event something goes wrong, your farm and livelihood are protected.
What should I consider when choosing farm insurance?
  • You should consider all aspects of your farming business and declare all your activities, such as agricultural contracting or tillage farming. Once you have informed your broker, they will help source the appropriate protection.
  • Your insurer or broker also requires your consideration. Ask them if they have a proven track record of dealing with and paying claims associated with farming businesses and agricultural enterprises.
  • It is important you understand the insurance cover you are taking and the policy terms (the small print). You should take the time to understand, listen and query the level of protection being offered by your policy. If you have any questions please talk to your Sheridan Insurances broker, who will be happy to talk through the fine print with you.
  • You may decide not to insure some risks and while this is entirely your choice, be sure you understand the potential consequences of your decision. Your Sheridan Insurances broker knows and understands the unique risks which you are exposed to as a farmer and can provide in-depth advice.
  • As tempting as it may be, price is not the best way to determine whether a policy is right for you. It is much more important to consider the amount of cover your policy provides and whether it is a match for your farming business needs.
  • Not all policies are the same. Every policy has individual policy wording and will contain specific terms, conditions, or exclusions. You should familiarise yourself with your policy and ask your Sheridan Insurances broker for help if anything is unclear.
Do my agricultural and other contractors need their own insurance?
Yes, you should check that all the agricultural and other contractors you hire to work on your farm have their own Employers Liability and Public Liability cover before they commence work. If they don’t have cover, you could be held liable in the event of a claim. We can help you determine whether your contractors have the right cover; ask them to share a copy of their policy schedule with you and your broker can advise if they have the appropriate insurance in place.

Sometimes farmers need a hand with a simple task or a seasonal job. That’s why you might consider taking agricultural contracting as part of your policy. It is better to have the cover in place and enjoy the confidence to bring on contractors as you need them.

What does employer's liability insurance cover?

A good example of how employer’s liability insurance applies to farmers is when it is time to move cattle. You might ask a neighbour to help you. If your neighbour was injured in the process, you could be liable for their injuries. However, with employer’s liability insurance added to your insurance policy, you should be covered for the costs incurred by such an injury. As the person who sought assistance from your neighbour, the onus lies on you to arrange the extension on your insurance policy and ensure you have sufficient cover in the event something goes wrong.

Do farmers need to have Employers Liability cover?

Employers’ Liability is an essential cover that provides protection against an employee’s claim for an injury sustained while working on your farm.  Employers’ liability cover gives you peace of mind you are covered in the event something goes wrong. Equally, the pursuit of farm safety statement should be a key priority on your farm; the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) has guidelines and excellent information regarding farm safety statements and policies.

Do small farms need Employers Liability cover?

Yes, even if you have one employee and the odd family member to help out on occasion, it is advisable to have Employers Liability cover. In addition, the Health and Safety Authority states every farmer is required by law to prepare a safety statement and share it with his/her employees. *The 2005 Act allows farmers with three or less employees to comply with the terms of a Code of Practice as an alternative to preparing a Safety Statement. *


What if I want to reduce my insurance cover?

Always talk to your Sheridan Insurances broker before you reduce your cover. They will determine the cover you need and ensure your farm and livelihood is protected in the event something goes wrong.

How should I approach my insurance policy renewal?
  • Be prepared. Have your policy schedule on hand or contact your Sheridan Insurances broker to obtain a copy. This gives you a base line to begin with and helps you and your broker compare cover options with insurance providers and discuss the best cover options available to you.
  • Any changes. If your farm or operations have undergone any changes since your last policy renewal, please advise your Sheridan Insurances broker who can review whether the cover you have is a match for the cover you need now.
  • Check the sum insured. It is important your sums insured are adequate and cover you in the event a full reinstatement is needed; under-insurance puts you at risk of being significantly out-of-pocket in the event something goes wrong. You should also ensure your policy provides fire cover for agricultural produce, hay, straw, agricultural implements, tools and fire brigade charges.
At renewal, how will I know if my insurance still provides enough protection?

Ask yourself whether the cover you had matches the cover you need now. Below is a list of things you should consider:

  • Did you employ farm, casual or voluntary labourers or engage with agricultural contractors?
  • Do you drive a farm Jeep?
  • Did you build, remove, modify or extend existing buildings on the farm?
  • Did your livestock increase or decrease?
  • Did the farm change ownership?
  • Am I protected against farm machinery theft?
  • Are my storage and out-buildings secure?
  • Did the acreage increase or decrease?
  • Did you buy or sell tractors, quads, machinery, trailers, loaders, harvesters, mowers?
  • Are the details of my equipment up to date and accurate?
  • Do you have an alternative type of enterprise or secondary business on the farm, such as a Guest House, dog grooming or pet kennel, or food manufacturing facility?

Before your policy renewal, discuss these questions with your Sheridan Insurances broker to determine whether the cover you have is sufficient or if you need to update your policy to reflect your changing needs.

Can I cover all my farm vehicles on the one policy?

Yes! Your policy can provide cover for all your different vehicles, including private cars, commercial vehicles, ATV’s, teleporters and tractors. Even trailers and trailed equipment can be covered as well.

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