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Tips to Save on Life Insurance

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Tips to Save on Life Insurance Policies Here are some great quick tips to keep in mind if you are shopping around for life insurance. Did you know there are things you can do to reduce your life insurance premiums? Audrey, Sheridan Insurances Life Insurance Champion is going to share a few tips that will […]

Tips to save on Income Protection Premiums

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Tips to save on Income Protection Premiums   With regard to Protecting your Income, some cover is better than no cover, it is important to understand that reducing premiums will most likely reduce the level of cover –   Check out the Price match that companies are offering based on occupation class. Deferred Period is known […]

Why take out Life insurance today?

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Why take out Life insurance today? Cover your financial future today, no matter what lies ahead you and your family are guaranteed financial protection. You are never too late to apply for life cover, it provides you with much more than financial support. It offers stability, reassurance, emotional support and peace of mind in the […]

Do you need Life Insurance?

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Who needs life insurance? If you have a partner, children or other relatives that will depend on your income to cover the mortgage or other expenses, then the answer is definitely a ‘Yes’ – you probably do want Life Insurance, as this will provide for your family in the untimely event of your death. Who […]