Life & Pensions


We at Sheridan Insurances & Financial Services are in a position to tailor make solutions to your SAVINGS, INVESTMENTS, PENSIONS and PROTECTION needs.

We have access to a comprehensive range of Life, Pension and Investment products from the leading providers in the Irish Financial Services market.

Our Life Department can help you with:

  • Protection Needs
  • Pension Planning
  • Savings
  • Investments

At Sheridan’s, we pride ourselves on coming back to all our customers with a fast response and the right answer. Life & Pensions advice is no different. With so much turbulence in the market and customers seeking the right advice the combination of our experience and knowledge ensures that our customers receive the best advice at all times.

Your Retirement could last a long time and 20 years wouldn’t be exceptional. Will you have enough money for your later years? Recent research into Ireland’s Pension Position indicates that as a nation we are not saving enough for retirement. So what should you do?

By answering a few simple questions you can get an indication of your own individual pension gap – and what measures you can take to address them.

Use this simple Pensions Calculator to find your retirement income gap.

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